04 August 2010

Are you bold as Clark Gable or quirky as Bette Davis?

I guess many of you feel the same way as I do when I watch a great classic movie or any movie at all... You tend to identify yourself with the characters, you idolize them, begin to understand and love them and you are certain that they were as enthralling, wonderful and charming off screen as well as on screen, right? Well, in some extend at least. Who wouldn't give anything just to spend a day with their idol? To be this person for a day? I know I almost certainly would. Just a shame most of them are dead (or rather - that I don't have a time machine!)... But why should that stop you from "being" one of (in your eyes) the greatest actors/actresses/persons that have ever lived? Why 
keep asking yourself who you resemble the most when you easily can get the answers? These brilliant links given below will answer your questions and give you the perfect "second" identity - the one you have search for for all these years!! You are saved, my friend(s)! The quest has come to an end, the hard times are over, your prayers have been heard! Now you can reach your goal, just by answering a few questions, clicking your way through these lifesaving tests and get the result...relieved.

Why not end your suffering right now and give it a try? ;)

PS. I ended up being Clark Gable and Katharine Hepburn - couldn't be more happy, hehe! :)

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