04 August 2010

Everywhere Boy

It begins with the first and eminent beat from "A Hard Day's Night" ...

Sadly, I haven't gone much to the cinema lately, but when I recently went to the capital, I got the chance to once again envelop myself in the dark, in a comfortable chair and full of swarming expectations to the film I was about to be presented. "Nowhere Boy" was it called - the new British attempt to make a "biographical" film on the Beatles legend, John Lennon's youth. Or should I call it "Everywhere Boy"? Because this movie really hits you, eventhough it isn't big or smashing; his musical talent is never further developed, yet it is moving - mainly thanks to a strong cast and (in my opinion) a brilliant production design. John Lennon, the legend, is created as a human first, then a musician who remains everywhere in our culture. And the audience don't really mind that order, I think. We are somehow always interested in our idols's background, upbringing and social relations, especially when we feel how well we "know" them and how much their talents have had an impact in our lives, right? Eventhough this isn't so much a biopic as many would think, it still manages to leave an impression on the audience. Because this is a story about a life - a beginning of an incredibly successful, but far too short and fateful life - and about a young man trying to find his place in the world among all the chaos. An outwardly tough and cool boy, still searching for an identity, who finally throws away his mask and starts to invest more of himself to the world and the people around him, when he finds out not everyone wants to abandon him. Perhaps this was his true source of inspiration for his music? And today, John Lennon is everywhere we look, even when we don't know it.

A film I can fully recommend.

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