28 August 2011

It's a funny thing, looking back.

A new chapter in my life is to begin. Today I move from my cosy smalltown life to the big city life. Tomorrow I'm officially a student at the university. The problem these past few days has been that I haven't quite been able to fathom it yet. To get into my mind that I'm "going" independent. Not that I'm gonna feel all homesick and all (I hardly felt that way during my five months stay at the folk high school). I'll be back for vacations and holidays and so, after all. Yet, I've had a hard time packing and saying goodbye to my room; my old room which has always welcomed me home when I got back from something and which stayed untouched. All the posters of my loving stars from the past, smiling down at me; all the stuff, the photos, paintings, movies and CDs right where I left them. It gave an indescribable feeling of safety. Now the room is about to be emptied and used for other purposes, or that's what my folks think. And I don't blame them. Oh, well, just a bit, but that's just the twinge of nostalgia that comes over me from time to time. I mean - that room contains most of my childhood and youth after all!

And it's a funny thing, the whole nostalgia/looking back thing. The other night I dreamt about starting at university - only it was at my old school  in my hometown where I attended as a child. It was different though. So many storeys, classrooms and students and all shiny, white and noisy. And then people whom I met at the folk high school started to show. Friends from other countries - a big surprise - greeted me and kissed my cheeks and it was a hell of a sappy scenario. And it was wonderful! I guess it's just a typical dream when you're all nervous and excited about something new. Perhaps some of it might come true ... ;)

C'est la vie. I'll take almost all my loving posters and stuff with me anyway, so don't you worry that I'll miss my daily doses of classic magic or forget it or anything - because that will never happen! I may just prioritize differently from now on. That's all. Though, I may not be the "quick" blogger I used to be, I'll make sure to drop by from time to time. It can't possibly be that hard studying at university... can it?
Oh well, cheerio my mates! Keep up the good work! ;)

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  1. All the best for you and fingers crossed for a bright and shiny future at the university!! :")