04 September 2011

Please, give the man a beard! *UPDATED*

I know some of you readers out there might not appreciate facial hair on the male sex, but as usual I can't help shoot down that argument. On the right man, it can be incredibly appealing! Maybe it's genetic? That the simple, sort of rural caveman look talks to the female mind, because it's a part of the evolutionary psychology?

Well, here's just a few examples of my point of view. Enjoy ;)

Rock Hudson faking hot chemist opposite sweet Doris in
Lover Come Back (1961)
Aww, just look at him! Already feeling bad for Doris ;)

Paul Newman in What A Way To Go (with Shirley MacLaine)
as a sexy, bearded, eccentric, French-speaking artist..!
Enough reason to go and watch it!

Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont in the TV series
Game of Thrones. Playing a exiled, loyal knight who protects
(and secretly falls in love with) a young girl,
Daenerys Targaryen, is so very sweet and fascinating.

Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones;
 a young, brooding, but majestic and mature man beyond his age.

Once again, from GoT ('cause it's just such a terrific show!),
is the half-brother of the Stark children, the unbelievably ´
innocent Jon Snow, played by cute Kit Harington.

Whereas I absolutely hated the looks of the old Daario Naharis, I
absolutely love the new Daario! Dutch actor, Michiel Huisman, has
replaced Ed Skrein in season 4 of GoT, much to my satisfaction, taking a
bold change appearance-wise for the character, making him more similar
to Jaime Lannister (though sadly, the latter seems to shed his long hair and
beard for this new season).

Santiago Cabrera is just one piece of handsome actor material(!),
but I only first realized it when I watched the BBC series,
The Musketeers, where he stars as the swashbuckling libertine,
Aramis, from Alexandre Dumas's famous novels. I don't know
 if it has something to do with the beard, his brown doe-eyes
 or his disarming sense of humour, but boy, is he a looker and 
a hell of a charmer, though with enough depth and integrity
 to make him more than just the typical ladies' man.
He is, by far, one of my favorite TV characters at the moment!

Corey Stoll as a young Ernest Hemingway in one of my
new favorites, Midnight in Paris (directed by Woody Allen).
No wonder all the girls fell for his good looks,
deep voice and brooding persona (though he was a bit of
a shit to everyone)...

Paul McGann as Eugene Wrayburn in the 1998 TV
adaptation of Charles Dickens's Our Mutual Friend.
First of all, Paul's voice is just to die for! Adding
anti-heroic traits, good looks, 19th century clothes
 and a terrific piece of beard he's as good as he gets!

Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Englehorn in King Kong.
God, what a first-hand impression!

Though the movie (Leap Year) isn't one of the best, I've always
liked the lead actors in it, Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.
Matthew plays a bit of a pessimistic, rural Irishman
who comes to Amy's rescue. And the rest - as they say - is history.

Michael Fassbender as the seductive, demonic
Fallen Angel, Azazeal, in the British TV series Hex.
On the whole, Fassy is an actor worth watching! ;)

Again Michael Fassbender, here in the newest edition
of Jane Eyre. He's simply a perfect Mr. Rochester!

Being cute and boyish and all, the beard adds
something new to Ewan's beautiful face.
I guess I don't have to mention what film series this picture is from.

If one is able to look past the controversial fact that Ken Duken plays
 a real-life German Nazi captain in The Sinking of the Laconia (BBC),
who albeit saved the passengers of the ship he had torpedoed,
Duken himself (who's often sporting a beard, btw) is not at all bad looking!
All authority lies within that beard!

I've always loved Thomas Hardy's earnest character
Gabriel Oak (from Far from the Madding Crowd).
Here is Alan Bates's lovable version from 1967.

Another Gabriel Oak, played by Nathaniel Parker in the
1998 version of Thomas Hardy's novel.
This picture is from a very touching scene where Gabriel
once more proves his loyalty and utter devotion for Bathsheba,
only, the gal in question is pretty thick-headed when it comes
to realizing just how much. Foolish girl!

As a reader was so friendly to point out, I totally forgot to add
fantastic Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in the Lord of the
Rings trilogy.
What a righteous, terrific, kingly, bearded guy to forget..!

Kevin Kline (often sporting a moustache) in French Kiss
as Luc Teyssier; a charming, untidy, French small-time criminal.

Once again Kevin Kline, this time in A Fish Called Wanda as the - to put
 it mildly - half-witted, American, full-time criminal, Otto. A total laugh!

Okay, I think this may have something to do with my adolescent crush on him,
but Kevin is just always a treat to watch! Here he is in Silverado.

Aidan Turner is certainly easy on the eyes and watching him starring as 
centuries-old, scruffy-looking vampire struggling to atone his sins in the UK series
 Being Human is the whole ride worthwhile! I'm also loving him as Kíli in
The Hobbit film series and as Ross Poldark in the new Poldark-series.

James McAvoy as Frederick Aiken in The Conspirator.
Even without the beard he's brilliant! ;)

It's no secret that I've always had a thing for aviators from bygone times,
and Orlando Seale's appearance in the series, Mr Selfridge, as famous
aviator, Louis Blériot, was certainly welcomed.

Irish newcomer Colin O'Donoghue as the mysterious
(and besides younger, more dashing version of) Captain Hook
in the fantasy TV hit series Once Upon A Time.
(I must admit I'm only watching the show because of him)

Eoin Macken's Sir Gwaine in the Merlin TV series
has everything a cheeky and gallant ladykiller/knight of
the early 6th century should have. Including the beard
(and lots of wavy hair) to die for!

Ichabod Crane never looked this handsome! In Sleepy Hollow,
the new televised retelling of the myth of the headless rider,
 actor Tom Mison certainly takes the cake for his dashing
bearded 1700s-looks.

Charlie (Christopher Abbott) was a bit of a (but cute)
wallflower during the first season of Girls but
suddenly began to blossom (no pun intended) in the
 second season. Okay, 'blossom' is a bit weak; my jaw
 literally dropped to the keyboard when he appeared
 again. I mean, my god! Could anyone get any more
 hotter with that beard (and everything else)?!? And
funnily enough, he has kinda the same sweet,
hesitant disposition as Kit Harington in GoT, hasn't he?

With or without a beard French actor, Grégory Fitoussi,
certainly is one good-looking gentleman in the second
series of the lavish period drama series, Mr Selfridge.

Now, who doesn't love a bit of sassy 'Scruffington' (aka James
 Norrington aka Jack Davenport) as seen in the second installment
of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series!?

Toby Stephens' auburn red beard in the new pirate series Black Sails
literally took my breath away when I viewed the first episode! I mean, he is
handsome enough as it is, but this did me in!

Beard is a really fascinating case. Please suggest more 'cases'. Hope that you're now somehow reformed (if you needed any reformation in the first place) ;)


  1. Mmm, thank you for this. May I also suggest: Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn; and Tom Hardy, in general but especially in Lawless :)

    1. Hey, thanks a mil for stopping by and comment! I'm so glad you like and can agree with the list. Originally, I thought it would be too subjective but apparently it's my most popular post right now, so that must mean something else ;) Thanks for the suggestions btw. I've yet to see a Tom Hardy film, but I'm definitely with you on Viggo Mortensen in LOTR..! I'll just go and add him to the list :D

  2. As a watcher of classic film, I can't say that Rex Harrison is necessarily my favorite actor, however WITH a beard in the 1947 movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, he is amazing! He plays the part of a ghost ship captain that haunts his home by the sea. A must see movie. And live your inclusion of Tom Mison on the new TV series Sleepy Hollow!

    1. Well, Sassmuffins, I definitely need to check out The Ghost and Mrs. Muir now that you've recommended a bearded man in it, haha (though I certainly agree with you; Rex is far from my favorite actor). And well, that man [aka Tom Mison] simply needed to be on this list, criminally handsome as he is! :D Thank you so much for stopping by!