26 December 2011

What you probably didn't know about the Gables...


I've built up this fantasy, this picture perfect of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard and their relationship for so long now - just to have it all shattered during the Christmas holidays (!). I might as well go tell a small child that Santa is a load of c***, pardon my language! 

Maybe it's shouldn't come as such a great shock, though. After all, it's not just the politicians who need spin doctors to 'fix' their precious image. I guess many celebrity couples went through pretty much the same back then as they do today. Perhaps it was all just a PR stunt (Clark wasn't called "The King of Hollywood" for nothing), perhaps it was simply silly gossip, perhaps they genuinely loved each other (which is  rather obvious when you watch their home videos and candid photos of them), but I hardly know what to believe anymore.

Maybe I should just stay in my naïve little fairy-tale fantasy. As Oscar Wilde once so cynically put it:

The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.


  1. Apparently, after selling the war bonds Carole wasn't supposed to return home in the plane. I think they were supposed to leave a day after but Carole wanted to get back to Clark as soon as possible so insisted on taking the plane. Carole's mother had like a premonition and the number of the plane apprently meant disaster/bad luck in numerology. Also, the mountain they crashed into, if the pilot had gotten over that ONE mountain, they would have been home. :(

  2. How often doesn't one dream of being able to go back in time and somehow warn them or stop such tragedies from happening? ...