07 April 2012

The Fashion of Ginger Rogers

Maybe not famously known for being a significant style icon, yet Ginger Rogers' light, cheerful and modest bearing  on-screen suited her style of clothing perfectly and vice versa. Especially when she easily tip-toed across the dance floor with Fred Astaire in feather-like dresses flowing around her - quickly and then slowly and then quickly again ... Well, that can't be described - you'll just have to see it in action!  It was always a slim, wearable and understated style worth noticing; girly and elegant without being too sexual charged, posh or overdone. And even pretty modern if you compare it to today's standard.

I believe she somewhat created a contrast to blond bombshell Jean Harlow who was very copied in the 1930s. Being able to keep up with Fred's quick steps, while coming across as a fresh and down-to-earth kinda girl, Ginger became the-girl-you-want-for-best-friend. Sure, in private she was (surprisingly) a conservative Republican, yet her demeanour on-screen never revealed that, maybe thanks to her brilliant dancing skills or equally good acting skills that happened to come along with the whole package. That girl was talented! :)

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  1. Sublime, sublime Ginger et si French Riviera, I love !