29 September 2013

What creativity! What imagination! - Favorite Illustrators, Animators and Cartoonists

Edward Gorey
Mary Blair

Ib Spang Olsen

Al Hirschfeld

Per Åhlin
Quentin Blake

Hayao Miyazaki

Jan Pienkowski
Hugo Pratt

J. C. Leyendecker

I've grown up with these guys all my life like so many others, and I think you all know the familiar feeling of nostalgia and love for some simple drawing characteristics whether it is illustration in children's books, comic books, posters, animation etc.. Many illustrators have created some of the most iconic figures that children as well as adults have come to love and, as I've come to realise, rarely can say anything against. I guess it's because childhood memories of that sort just can't be trifled with or put to shame...
Danish and Swedish illustration/animation especially stand close to my heart, and even if it's just some sort of nationalistic, nostalgic feeling of belonging, there's just something about Scandinavian illustration that I haven't found elsewhere. Of course, you can argue for that for every nationality out there, but maybe it's just different when you're from the country yourself. Culture and pride I guess.
Oh well, nevertheless, I've listed and linked some of my favorite artists per nationality here, so you can find your own countrymen or even give me some feedback and tell me whom I should also check out ;) I know Google Images is perhaps not the most charming place for picture searching in this case, but hey, it's the easiest way, and it will you an idea of what their artistry consists of.

Danish artists:

Swedish artists:

British artists:

American artists:

Japanese artists:

German artists:

French artists:

Australian artists:

Italian artists:

Czech artists:

Spanish artists:

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