17 January 2013

Inspiring Women With Short Sassy Hair

About seven months ago, I finally had my hair cut short. Now it seems incredible that I hadn't done it sooner. It's the best decision I've done for years! It was simply time for a change. I had carried that long, dull haircut around for too long - and I also felt that starting at university was a new era in my life. A fresh breath of air. And as I lost those long, brown locks one by one, my hair literally got easier, but also more me, so to speak - and I felt exhilarated.

Of course, my inspiration to do it also came from a long-time admiration for short haired heroines in history and in the movies with their sassy remarks, bold personalities and edgy haircuts. Here's just a few good examples:

Sophie Scholl

Lee Miller

Carey Lowell

Katharine Hepburn

Jean Seberg

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Louise Brooks 

Bibi Andersson

Amelia Earhart

Audrey Tautou

 Ava Gardner


Halle Berry