05 May 2014

Classic Movie Stars Look-Alikes - Part Deux

I just continue to come across striking resemblances between actors and actresses from past and present, so I'm happy to be able to come up with a second part to one of my earlier posts:

Marika Green vs. Natalie Portman

Marika Green (on the left) and Natalie Portman

Once again, the resemblance is striking! So much that you'd think Natalie was somehow related to Marika (though, that is not the case. Marika is actually the aunt of actress Eva Green). There's not much else to say but WOW!

Mary Pickford vs. Kirsten Dunst

Mary Pickford

Kirsten Dunst

When I came across this picture of Mary Pickford, I literally thought it was Kirsten Dunst in costume for some film or a magazine... But no, it was Mary! I had to look twice to really get it into my head! Though they both share a certain ingénue/sweet-girl-next-door-look, they may not be that alike if you look at other pictures of them, but in these two they certainly are; sharing that impish, almost secretive look and smile.

Brian Aherne vs. Tom Mison

Brian Aherne

Tom Mison

These two guys are just so similar in so many ways (besides both being close to my heart *sigh*)! Besides their appearances, their demeanours are frighteningly alike, if you watch some of their work. Tom often plays a rather nervous, fretting, almost innocent persona in his earlier TV work, who rather cutely tries to keep up with the more forthright female leads, as does Brian in his films. Both British, tall, blond, blue-eyed and statuesque, often sporting a small beard, moustache or stubble of some sort, they are perfect casting as this type of male character to contrast the more aggressive, sharp-tongued ladies. These guys often stay more reserved and play the amused, surprised or incredulous on-looker (either they are a bit dimwitted in a cute, naive way - or they just pretend to be), trying to understand their romantic leads as they let off steam. At other times they more than willingly jump in on this cat-and-mouse-game or battle of wits. It's quite hilarious to watch. And both Brian and Tom are so adorable!

Angie Dickinson vs. Stana Katic

Angie Dickinson

Stana Katic

I may be totally wrong here, but I just found something strikingly similar to these two beautiful ladies. A confident sexuality perhaps? Or just similar facial shapes, eyes and smiles? Not to mention that they both have played headstrong female cops on TV: Angie as Sgt. Pepper Anderson in Police Woman and Stana as detective Kate Beckett in Castle. 'Nuff said. Here they are in action:

Nils Asther vs. Jack Huston

Nils Asther

Jack Huston

I don't think I need to point out just HOW similar Nils and Jack are - both even sporting that particular moustache!

Carole Lombard vs. Amy Poehler

There's just something about these two blonde comediennes that is so striking. Whether it's their unique talent for comedy, brilliant facial expressions or radiant beauty, they're just unforgettable!

To be continued...