02 December 2014

Inspired by the '80s: Molly Ringwald and Amanda Peterson's Movie Wardrobes

As a follow-up or prequel to my style inspiration post about the 1990s, here's one about my favorite inspirational styles of the 1980s - mainly taken from films. I guess there isn't much of a new revelation to be found fashion-wise; much of this has already been picked up and worn on the streets once again, sometimes to the very exact details in accessories and hairstyles I've often remarked. What can be noticed, however, regarding this particular '80s-revival is an overall trend regarding the handpicked pieces from that era; a sorta classic '80s theme that runs through and has become more or less timeless. Those elements I've focused on myself and chosen to skip past the - let's say - less overdone/flamboyant styles of the 1980s. That is, I'm not talking Melanie Griffith-Joan Cusack-"Working Girl"-outfits, though they certainly are fun. Instead, I've picked outfits and styles that have struck me as particular telling for the young woman of the 1980s and which I myself have drawn personal inspiration from. They are therefore somewhat similar to each other and can be spotted in many a teen-'80s-movies.

First of all, the classic icon of the '80s: Molly Ringwald. Her unique appearance and style became a much copied trend during the Hughes-years; a combination of relaxed, vintage, yet stylish clothes that complimented her gorgeous red hair and pale skin. As the Tribune points out, Ringwald 'was an antidote to '80s power dressing and empowered the eccentric social underdog.' "I never thought of myself as a style icon," she adds. "I wore all that vintage because my parents kept me on an allowance... My style was based on necessity."

Pictures below are from "Pretty in Pink" (1986), "The Breakfast Club" (1985) and "Sixteen Candles" (1984), respectively:

By the way, I dig Duckie's style just as much! Could easily go
for both sexes

Furthermore, I've always found Amanda Peterson's (extensive) wardrobe in "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987) really classy and chic as well as youthful and personal, and I see a lot of girls today wearing pretty much the same outfits, jewelry and hairstyle and all, like her (whether it's unconsciously done or not):

And then, of course, we couldn't go around Winona Ryder and the infamous "Heathers" (1989):

Hope you were inspired! ;)