09 January 2015

A small (yet totally unimportant) update from the other side

Hi everyone - and welcome 2015!

As you can see - those of you who have steadfastly followed me through the years and to you dearly beloved newcomers - I have once again decided to change the appearance of my blog. I am a fickle one when it comes to these kind of things: As much as I loved my old layout I just grew a bit bored with it in the end (despite my post claiming that this was IT!, ironically). Furthermore, a new year calls for a new vision, I guess. 

One shouldn't really make excuses or explanations for such simple matters but simply sit down and say "Just deal with it!" in true Doctor Who style!

Anyway, hope you've had a nice holiday season and a great New Year! Cheers!

- M.

PS. For some unknown reason my LinkWithin doesn't work on my blog despite many attempts to fix it. I have a very sour face right now. Hopefully the problem will be solved somehow or another.. some day.

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