27 October 2015

Yes, bloody right, women have anger!

A conversation I sadly feel I've too often heard hiding inbetween the lines of every feminist debate where men were involved:

Women: *speaking passionately about the importance of feminism*
Men: Whoa there, take it easy! Geez, why are all feminists so angry?? 
Women: Surprise, women have anger.
Men: Is it really necessary all the time?
Women: Oh, so it's different when men are angry? THEN it's justifiable?! Haven't men used their anger time and time again in order to be heard? And look at what you have achieved with that anger: Centuries of war and dictatorships, pain and suffering around the world because YOU felt belittled, stepped on, overlooked? But oh no, such anger is completely legit..!
Men: ... that isn't the same ...
Women: No? Imagine the world if it had been ruled by women: Do you think it would have looked even half as horrifying as it does now? Do you think women would have had the same incessant need to mark their territories, use violence to eradicate enemies and conquer other worlds, enslave entire races and sexes and sell them off as candy?!
Men: uhm... well, Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great weren't exactly bloodless in matters of ruling and warfare...
Women: And who do you think they learned that from? They fought like men always had; violently, because women in power needed - and still need - to prove themselves to the men through the only way men have known as the dominant way of ruling. 'The male way' has always been the default way of showing power. However, let's say, had God or the Gods or whoever favored the female sex to begin with, women could have proven - just as strongly and likely much more cool-headed and wisely - how to shape the world without having to be compared to men (just like men never had to compare themselves to women. Well, except from this day and age where we see it more and more).
Men: Right.
Women: ... And you wonder why it makes us angry when men are STILL surprised to find that women have anger too?! We're not saying men are the enemies, only 'the male way' has always been the ONLY way, and those who haven't been able fit this very limited category have always been more or less left out in even the most basic of human rights and equality. That is wrong and men, in general, need to realize this. We've come a long, slow way and still have a long way to go, sadly.


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