20 March 2017

Dream Cast: Classic Actresses as Disney Heroines and Princesses

There are already several takes on this dream casting out there, but I just wanted to add my own list of suggestions though many may coincide with those previously suggested. These choices are based on similar looks as much as personality and acting characteristics between each actress and character. (I've deliberately chosen not to include any female antropromorphic protagonists in this post.)
Hope you'll enjoy and please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with some of my choices. :)

Anna May Wong as Mulan

Esther Williams as Ariel

Eleanor Parker as Belle

Elizabeth Taylor or Simone Simon as Snow White

Lauren Bacall as Megara

Dorothy Dandridge or Ruby Dee as Tiana

Grace Kelly as Aurora

Debbie Reynolds as Cinderella

Veronica Lake as Rapunzel

Joanne Woodward as Eilonwy

Mala Sinha or Faten Hamama as Jasmine

Sacheen Littlefeather as Pocahontas

NOTE: Sadly, classic Hollywood was practically devoid of Native American actors/actresses in leading or supporting roles, way too fond of the racist 'red face' option (let's not forget their frequent use of 'black face' and 'yellow face' as well). 
As much as I love the classic Hollywood fandom this is just atrocious! It still has a huge problem representing their own native people faithfully. Why, they kept saying and made us all believe for decades that it was a hoax when Sacheen Littlefeather famously appeared on behalf of Marlon Brando to reject his Oscar in 1973 and that she was a fake Native American...! Which was a lie! Omg Hollywood, you can be such a nasty piece of work sometimes!

Vivien Leigh as Jane

Rita Hayworth as Esmeralda

Judy Garland as Wendy

Joyce Bryant as Kida

Rita Moreno as Audrey

Maureen O'Hara as Merida

Shirley Temple as Alice

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine or June Allyson and Elizabeth Taylor 
as Anna and Elsa

Deborah Kerr as Giselle

Mamo Clark as Moana

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