Classic Stars Dealing with Spaghetti

Jack Lemmon, The Apartment, 1960

We all know the craving of pasta, right? Where it amounts to the state where we don't really give a rat's ass of how it is served or how messy it may look when we eat..? Well, when it comes to the art of making and eating the iconic Italian dish, trust me, the classic stars felt the instant craving, too, and didn't give a damn otherwise! Here's the proof! 
Bon appetit 🍝😋

Marcello Mastroianni

Sophia Loren
Sean Connery, Rome, 1963.

Still Sean trying..

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Ingrid Bergman

Buster Keaton, The Cook, 1918

Alberto Sordi, Un Americano a Roma, 1954

Kirk Douglas and Sophia Loren, 1954

Jerry Lewis

Dean Martin

Frank Sinatra

Alfred Hitchcock

Jane Fonda

Louis Armstrong

Lous trying again

Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy (4x16), 1955.

Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe

Jayne Mansfield

Charlie Chaplin, City Lights, 1931

Charlie in The Goldrush, 1925.
Well, almost but not quite spaghetti...